Jeremy Dale

3D Artist / Animator

Cell: 571-451-9796




enVie Interactive

Sunnyvale, CA, United States ::  Feb 2010 -   Jan 2012

VIE the game (Sr Artist)
Senior artist responsible for worldbuilding, VFX, and lighting, as well as assisting with character art and animation tasks and integration as needed. Assisted with Mocap planning and direction. Frequent collaboration with engineering and design on features and implementation.

EA Mythic

Fairfax, Virginia, United States ::  Nov 2003 - Jan 2010


Managed a team of 5 internal and 3 outsourced animators for the production and launch of Warhammer Online. Established pipeline and designed toolsets that allowed the team to quickly modify/export/and verify their work in game with a minimum of user error. Established look and feel and directed the combat, locomotion, and emotes of all avatars, NPCs and Monsters in the game.

Worked closely with engineers and tech artists to improve capabilities while authoring and in-game. Worked closely with character artists to try to ensure as much modularity and re-use possiblity and in-game instancing of motions, reducing animation memory overhead. Had a good relationship with third party technology provider, Mystic GD, and mutually improved EmotionFX (our animation engine) toolset and functionality including animation tagging and workflow enhancements. Worked closely with design/content to provide assets and documentation to enable them to more easily bring life to the world by triggering context-appropriate animations. Created easy-to-approve compiled videos documenting the extent of character animation sets for Games Workshop to evaluate. Worked closely with Audio department to find the right balance between canned and realtime sound triggers, and worked together to enhance the auditory soundscape.

WARHAMMER ONLINE: Land of the Dead(Senior Animator)

Post-launch, requested to rotate out to continue pipeline and technology improvements, completing a number of monster and boss encounters for the Land of the Dead expansion. During this time, also created pre-production assets, assisting in dungeon layout planning, boss encounter logic, and cinematic storyboards. Also created FX and props for animation in order to reduce load on other teams.

Lodestone Games
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States :: May 2003-November 2003
Soul Forge: Created all keyframe animation for SoulForge, a fantasy MMO for the PC. Also conceptualized, modeleded, textured, and rigged characters and props. Collaborated with programmers and designers to create systems for character animation within the game. Also supervised export and troubleshooting of all character assets.

Infogrames/Atari/Circus Freak

San Jose, California, United States ::  Sep 1999 - Nov 2002

SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEELXbox (3D Artist / Animator):
Concept, Modeling, and animation of AI characters and vehicles as well as Multi-pass texture and effects. Other responsibilities included working with design and code to further enhance the animation tools and to balance gameplay.
LOONEY TUNES RACING PSX (3D Artist / Animator):
Responsible for concept, construction, lighting, and texture implementation of tracks and battle arenas for Looney Tunes Racing on the original PlayStation.
Atari Games / Midway

Milpitas, California, United States :: Apr 1998 - Sep 1999

GREY DAWN coin-op (3D Artist / Animator):

Responsible for all Enemy character animation, supervision of Hero motion capture,. Team Ray:

RUSH 2049 coin-op (3D Artist / Animator):

Responsible for populating tracks, designing and creating Shortcuts, general set-dressing, and effects. Notable achievements: Established a pipeline for using vertex color lighting instead of the original plan of baking lightmaps, freeing up a considerable amount of texture memory.

The Neverhood

Mission Viejo, California, United States :: May 1996 - Jul 1996

Contractor responsible for creating custom palettes and compiling into optimized Flics in Autodesk Animator Studio for this stop-motion PC title. Other responsibilities included game testing and website creation and maintenance. Notable: Kept the game looking smooth instead of grainy, being true to the clay medium, by demonstrating that it looked better without dithering in the videos.


Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, Texas, United States


 Aug 1992 - May 1996

Skills & Qualifications:


o   Level: Expert

o         Last Used: < 1 year ago

o         Years of Experience: 6-10 years

         technical art

o   Level: Advanced

o         Last Used: < 1 year ago

o         Years of Experience: > 10 years


o   Level: Intermediate

o         Last Used: < 1 year ago

o         Years of Experience: 6-10 years

Additional Training:

         Richard Williams Animation Masterclass 1997 San Francisco

         Pixar Artist Masterclass on Story and Animation 2010 Vancouver